Short story - The Elevator

Martin, a thin 12 year old boy, lived in an old building with his dad who works at home. Martin had a fear of elevators but didn’t know why. It could’ve because of the strip of light making the elevator feel compact or the dirty walls of the elevator. Instead of taking the elevator, he used the stairs to get to his apartment on the seventeenth floor. After school, Martin would be gasping for air after going up flights of stairs. His father asked, "But why didn’t you take the elevator? " As Martin was explaining about the stairs, his father shot him a look that told Martin that he was a coward. To prove his father wrong, he used the elevator to go to school.
As the elevator was going down, it stopped on the fourteenth floor. The doors opened to reveal a fat lady standing on the other side. The fat lady had blue eyes and a green itchy coat on. He was pushed back into the corner to make more room for her. Instead of going in and looking forward to the doors waiting to get off, the fat lady walked in, facing the back of the elevator, and stared at Martin. Martin was horrified and wanted to get off the elevator. As the elevator hit the lobby, Martin ran out of the elevator to get some fresh air. After a long day of school, Martin went back to the elevator. The elevator stopped on the third floor and the fat lady staring at him. She stared at him as if she knew that he would be on it. Martin suspected that she just had many friends in this building. The woman pressed the eighteenth floor and the elevator closed and went up. As Martin got off the elevator, he realized that the fat lady now knows what floor he lives on. Each floor only had four rooms so it wouldn’t be hard for her to figure out which apartment he lived in. He asks his father,” Did you ever notice a strange fat lady on the elevator. His father answers, without looking away from the TV,” Can’t say I have.” The next day, He knew that the fat lady was expecting and waiting for him. Martin was scared and backed up from the elevator when he saw the fat lady smiled at him as the door closed. He ran down the stairs but fractured a bone in his leg. His father had to drag him to the hospital to get a cast for his foot. The car ride home was silent and they entered the old building. As they got into the elevator, Martin’s father remembered that he had to stop by Terry Ullman’s apartment. Martin insisted on going, but his father told him to grow up and not to be afraid of the elevator as the door shut. Martin stopped on the tenth floor where the fat lady was waiting.
The door closed the elevator started up. “ Hello Martin,” she said and laughed, and pushes the Stop button. Martin was paralyzed with fear. He wondered why did she push the Stop button. What did she want from him? Martin gathered all the courage he had and stammered “ H-Hi..” Without breaking eye contact, she answers,”’s just that… you’re so small and skinny.” Martin without looking away from the buttons, says,” L-Leave me alone.” Out of the corner of his eye, he can see the fat lady extending her flabby arms as Martin turns his head in surprise. As she extended her arms to grab him, she yells in a familiar voice,” WAKE UP!” The elevator closed in on them and the fat lady faded into a blur of his room.
As he rubbed his eyes, his father shakes him and says,” Martin!! You’re going to be late for school!” Martin looked at his alarm clock and saw that he only had 20 minutes to get ready and to get to school. Martin jumped out of the bed and quickly got ready. As he was rushing and brushing his teeth, he thought about the nightmare he woke up from and wondered who the woman was. He didn’t think much of it and was worried about being late and the bullies at school. Martin got his backpack and said bye to his dad as he dashes out of the apartment.
He took a second and looked at the elevator and the stairs. He wondered if his nightmare would become a reality. Out of fear, Martin decides to take the stairs and ran down as fast as he could. Luckily, he made it to school on time and was still paranoid. After a day of school, Martin went up the stairs and took a moment to look at the elevator. The elevator looked so much scarier than it did before. As Martin walks into the building after a normal day of school, Martin sees a familiar face talking Terry Ullman. Martin couldn’t put his finger on it but didn’t care until the lady saw Martin looking at him with her blue eyes. The blue eyes and the green coat reminded him of the nightmare he had. Martin looked at the fat lady in horror as she stares back chuckling and smiling at him as Terry Ullman was talking to her.
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