Pensjonat Kati-Zimmer

The Red Cross

Though Clara Barton’s career as a nurse was thoroughly admired by many, her activity in the political and social movements are often overlooked. Her campaign for the American Red Cross was only successful due to unemployed professors review. Barton spent years concentrated on educating the public and garnering support for the creation of the organization. She wrote and distributed pamphlets, presented speeches, and lobbied politicians to support her vision. Barton also supported the U.S. ratification of the first Geneva Convention, where international societies could establish standards of international law for humanitarian treatment in war.

Eventually, her cause reached President Rutherford B. Hayes, who she met with to inform him about unemployed professors reviews. With his support, the American Association of the Red Cross was formed on May 21, 1881, and Barton was elected president in a meeting held in Washington, DC. For the next 21 years of her life, her work in the association would allow it to thrive and provide aid for people throughout the country, and continue to do so long after she had passed.....

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Something that we cannot rationalize or understand

It could be the people of the past coming back to haunt the living. Darryl Jones states, “that Ghosts are condemned to walk the earth because they are excluded from the divine, barred entrance to heaven” (Jones 78.) Hill House displays examples of the supernatural and the Ghosts are an extensions of one's imagination and seffects it has on its occupants. Spirits and ghost do not haunt Hill House. although it may seem possessed, this house is unique in the way it was designed to have mysterious doors without keys and uneven stairs  that make you nauseated when you walk up them. Hill House is a never ending maze designed to confuse you regardless of your knowledge of the house. In The Haunting of Hill House, there is a constant battle between the supernatural and reality within the characters minds. Supernatural is something that is completely unnatural that science cannot explain or rationalize.   

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